ESN is present at Pastoralist Knowledge Hub meeting in Rome

The PKH is a project by FAO tobring pastoralists and international actors together to integrate pastoralist concerns into international policy dialogue. It serves both as a repository of relevant documents on pastoralism and pastoral people’s livelihoods, and as a neutral forum for exchange and alliance building among pastoralists and stakeholders.At this meeting there will be representatives from CORAM – France, APIA – Italy, CampoAdentro – Spain . The aim is to jointly with WAMIP decide on the direction of the Hub, to coordinate activities and to ensure policy incidence by strategizing on how to position pastoralist issues in global, regional and national fora. Main aim is to assess the functioning of this project during the period 2014-2019 and to suggest improvements to ensure pastoralist voices are taken into account at FAO policies. 

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